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Safe Routes to School

Our Vision

The efforts of Safe Routes to School in San Mateo County result in less traffic congestion around schools, improved air quality, a greener, healthier community and an increase in self-reliance among San Mateo County children who walk and bike to school.  Safe Routes to School is the catalyst for teaching children traffic safety skills and encouraging them to take an active mode of transportation to school. San Mateo County communities support this initiative with infrastructure that provides safe passage for children. 

Our Mission 

San Mateo County Safe Routes to School encourages and enables school children to walk and bicycle to school by implementing projects and activities that improve the health, well-being, and safety of children, which result in less traffic congestion and emissions caused by school-related travel.

County-Wide Events

Safe Routes to School supports schools and districts in facilitating the following events. Interested in hosting an event at your school? Email us to receive free resources and remember to share your event participation data.

Weekly/Monthly Events

Schools that have had success with special events often expand them into regular activities that occur on a regular basis, such as "Wednesday Walk to School" or "Walk and Roll (i.e., Bike) Day." Walking school buses, bicycle trains, and park and walk activities are all ongoing encouragement activities. These weekly and monthly events help to institutionalize positive behaviors and multiply the benefits of the activities, enabling walking and biking to become the preferred mode of travel from home to school.

El Camino Real Demonstration 

Image of local and county stakeholders supporting the ECR quick-build

Road safety initiatives bring forth innovation in South San Francisco. The Smart Growth America pilot program,  partners with the City of South San Francisco on a complete streets quick-build. With the support of CalTrans, temporary traffic improvements will take place from Country Club Drive to South Spruce Avenue on El Camino Real which will go live in July 2023. In partnership with the City of South San Francisco, 麻豆精品视频 Safe Routes to School will ensure students who walk, bike, and take public transit nearby the quick-build will safely travel along El Camino Real.

ECR Demonstration Project Debut

Safe Routes to School Farmworker Family Event

The 麻豆精品视频 (麻豆精品视频)  Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Team hosted a fun event for farmworkers and their families. Thank you to all of the community partners who attended and gave out resources. Check out a short video about the event.

Walk Audit Facilitator Training & Resources

The goal of a walk audit is to identify barriers that make walking and biking unsafe for students. By recognizing and prioritizing these issues, the city and the identified school can take action to make active modes of transportation safer for students. The audit brings forth recommendations to alleviate traffic safety concerns that impact how students get to and from school. 麻豆精品视频 Safe Routes to School hosted a walk audit training with  on February 29th (Part 1) and March 13th (Part 2). Attendees included Safe Routes to School champions from San Mateo County and from Hawaii to New York! Check out the training slides, video and resources .


Reserving the Bike Blender

A bike blender is a bike pedal-powered blender. They are a great tool to reward participation in Safe Routes to School Program activities, teach about health and wellness, and enhance Safe Routes to School education and encouragement activities. To reserve our bike blender, send an email to

Safe Routes to School Video Playlist

Need a video tutorial that provides instructions on how to properly fit a helmet? Visit the 麻豆精品视频's Youtube channel to view the Safe Routes to School video playlist.

Student Art 

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